My first encounter with Apostle Usungu from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was in
1995. His first words to me were “Mama you are coming to the Congo”. My spirit leaped and I
knew it was part of the purpose God had planned for my life. I did not know how much I would
be blessed and become one in the Spirit with these beautiful African people. The first time I
traveled to Congo in 2011, and was greeting a young man, the Lord whispered “build a mission

That vision was the catalyst to purchase land in Kitshini, a small village outside of Kinshasa in 2019. Apostle Usungu, the visionary and leader of Mission of Evangelism and Deliverance (MED), sent a pastor to the village immediately and now there is a church building built by the locals out of mud bricks that serves over 100 people from the surrounding area. There is need in the area for a primary school that could use the building during the week and enough land and clay to continue building the Mission Training Center that the Lord inspired 10 years ago. We recently received seed money for this project and are praying the Lord will continue to grow and bless this vision in every way.

The young people in the area we minister to in Kinshasa have a desire to learn but because of the high cost of High School (6th – 12th grade) most do not have the opportunity. Most families live on $1.50 per day, eating one meal daily of rice, beans, greens and cassava leaf pounded into flour. With a population of 17 million in Kinshasa, the capital of DRC, 46.4% are under 15 years of age, only 15% of the population are 30-44. Most of the young people live in one-parent homes or with relatives. There are few if any government programs to help the poor.

The Kingdom Connection Ministry on Mission (KCMOM) team was blessed to visit with 15 young women that attend MED2. As we heard their stories of hunger, abuse, lack of education and vocational training we were led by God to offer them hope.

Because of your generous one time and monthly donations Mama Teri House of Hope in Kinshasa, DRC, in partnership with Mission of Evangelism and Deliverance (MED) Congo, was opened in 2021. The House of Hope is a transition home for 8 young ladies to provide a safe living environment, basic necessities, vocational and business training, as well as daily discipleship to cultivate a passion and a boldness for the Lord Jesus Christ so they can return to their communities empowered to serve.

The KCMOM team continues to meet with the girls and Mama Kabibi every month. We have a contract with Global Outreach Int. to offer sewing and computer to the girls soon. The monthly cost to rent the home and provide food, protection of a guard after dark and through the night and teaching and supervision during the day costs $1088.50 per month.

We also offer teaching and encouragement to the women’s ministries in the 12 MED Churches in Congo and Zambia monthly using Zoom. It is such a joy to connect with these women. They are hungry for the Word of God and always bless us with their worship, hallelujah’s and Amen’s.

Kingdom Connection Ladies Ministry continues to offer a community Bible Study weekly in Redmond Oregon. Because of the meeting restrictions this past year we have not been able to host any events. We hope to continue this vital ministry in 2022.

Please join us December 4, 2021 from 9:00 – 10:00am for a slide show presentation, more information, coffee and pastries @ 417 NW 7th St. Redmond, OR RSVP 541-771-1431

My plan is to go to Congo, dedicate House of Hope and visit Kitshini in February 2022 with a team from New York led by Apostle Usungu. Please pray for God’s provision and grace as we travel for all the team.

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Thank you for your consideration to join us December 4th. I also thank you for your faithfulness to pray and give to this ministry. Your support is a huge blessing to the Kingdom Connection team, people of Africa and the many generations that will be touched by your generosity.

Abiding in Jesus,
Teresah (Mama Teri)
Board of Directors
Kingdom Connection Ministry on Mission and Ladies Ministry Teams

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