by | Apr 12, 2020 | Ladies

The theme for this year at Kingdom Connection is Focus Your 20/20 Vision.  I find it no coincidence that we were being built up and encouraged to not be distracted, but to keep our focus on Jesus and the eternal things… to work through our expectations and disappointments in order to settle ourselves on the goodness of God and His purposes…to rekindle our first love and the wonder of redemption…to meditate and ponder the character of God.

As the landscape of our lives change and we encounter opportunities to fuel either our faith or our fear, let us pause and be intentional to refocus. Let us remove our eyes from the threatening waves and dark clouds, and refocus on His Word, His goodness, His love, His purposes.

Like Peter in Matthew 14, it is our choice to focus on God or focus on the storm. We can stay anchored in faith and trust, or we can be tossed about by every wind watching  and grasping for the world’s life jackets and answers.

Now is the time… to recalibrate our mindsets, our expectations, our priorities, and our hearts. To dig deep wells with His Word and His Presence.

Now is the time… to remember. We are not without hope. We are children of the Most High God Who is faithful. He is good. His purposes prevail.

Now is the time… to understand we are not helpless. This is the time where we can just survive or we can thrive – where we can be a light  when everything surrounding is dark. There is power in our surrender. There is power in our praise. There is power in our prayer. There is power in our peace. There is power in our words. There is power in our thanksgiving.

Perhaps… now is the time to turn away from doing the world’s and your own ways in repentance, and return to the merciful God Who forgives through Christ.

Now is the time…to abide. (John 15, Psalm 91)

Do not let this moment pass. Now is the time.


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