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by | Apr 12, 2020 | Ladies

The Beauty of Faith by Treana Holsey

It has been said that these times we are finding ourselves in are unprecedented. One definition of unprecedented is stated as never before known. I think we can agree that what we are experiencing today is definitely an unknown as a whole to our entire local and global community of brothers and sisters. However, it is important for each of us to remember that it was not unprecedented to our Father. In fact, He not only knew, He also has known about this before we ever took our first breath.  Truly knowing this in my heart gives me great hope for tomorrow and His peace for today.

Having peace in the midst of turmoil does not come from understanding but from trusting and having faith in The One who does understand everything and has from the beginning. The beauty of faith is that it is active, and it comes from a place of continual believing. How we can do that during difficult unprecedented times is evident in the example set by Christ. I really want you to consider this point. We can have faith because He first had faith in us. God did not need us, yet HE CHOSE US!

God knew we would fall short, but He had a plan- a perfect plan. Though our free will continues to cause us to stumble, He continues to have faith in us! He continually believes in us. How amazing is that? We will no doubt struggle with today and most likely tomorrow, but our God, who chose us, has faith in us to rise and entrusts us with His perfect plan that can only bring glory to Him and set a new precedence for His people for ages to come.

He loved us first. He had faith in us first. He continually gives us His peace and His hope because He believes in us when we choose Him. To me, this means that we do not have to fret. We do not have to stay broken in the midst of our trials no matter how big they are because our Father is bigger. Not only does He know our struggles, He turns them into glory! May your hope come from the peace He is offering you right now. Tomorrow is unknown to us, yes, but not to The One that understands our story and trusts us to allow Him to make it great!

I look forward to watching Him work. We are going to truly see the character of those around us and be tested ourselves during these times. Let Him work out the details. All we have to do is keep on believing and pour our hope and peace unto others so that they too may feel His glory!


With all of His faith,


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