I returned from the DRC this summer with an even stronger love in my heart for the Congolese. As relationships continue to form, I see their need, listen to their stories and am aware of my own need. Their joy and hope amidst poverty conditions turns my mind and heart to the only One who gives us joy and hope. It is hard for me, immersed in our American culture, to understand joy and hope among the “conditions” in which they live. I realize I am programmed to think joy and hope are hard to come by without food, clothing, a car, electricity, indoor plumbing – things I take for granted every day. Truly the only true poverty any of us face is broken relationship with our Father. It is not lack of all these “things”. I think I know this until the reality is before and around me. I have such respect and desire to learn from them. I want to share whatever God puts on my heart for them, not what I think they need.


During my first trip in 2009, I believe the Lord ask me to build a mission school for young adults. This desire has grown to include a vocational training school as well. Education is the key to creating community and cultural change. The first assignment:  learning to live in unity and community, based on God’s Word. When we learn how “to be”, we can start “to do”. We were created for relationship first with God, leading to relationship with each other. 

Summer 2019 saw the purchase and blessing of the land for the Maman Teri Mission and Training School! Your generous donations allowed land purchase in the village of Kitshini outside of Kinshasa. The Vision is to establish a place for young adults to study the Word of God, live in community and become ground shifters with an awareness of their heritage, identity, purpose and calling. While learning the gifts God has given each of them, they will have an ability to impact their community, their families, their culture. They will learn self-sustainable skills to contribute to their community, allowing the Lord to lead them to their purpose through trust and obedience to Him. This will be “life in Africa” changing!


We join Mission of Evangelism and Deliverance, in July of 2020 to return to DRC to develop relationships, take some young adults on a retreat to the school land, lead seminars, supply food and clothing and love on these amazing people.


If you are led to pray or support us in any way, please let me know. You can also sign up for our newsletter for updates.


Grateful to my Savior and the lover of my soul,

Teresah Mason

Maman Teri

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